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I can’t watch Phantom of the Opera without remembering the one time in high school when we had a spirit week and our final day was called “Music of the Night” because that was the theme of our homecoming dance. I was literally the only person at school who dressed up as Christine and everyone else was the Phantom. By lunch I had about 20 Phantoms serenading me and chasing me down the hallways.






what this made me realise is that helen’s certainty implies that dash and violet were both showing signs of their powers as infants and that is the funniest thing i have ever thought of in my life because one has super speed and one turns invisible can you picture first-time parents trying to deal with a baby that sometimes fucking disappears



Let’s all help college students get knowledge they deserve for free:)

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Reblog if the Education system has ever had a negative effect on you.


Im working on a psych project and my topic is how messed up the education system is and how it causes students to stress out way too much, cause panic attacks, speed up the rate of depression, cause mental break downs etc. I want real statistics and maybe your experience. Please include age/grade or year/experience if you would like to tell me anonymously your experience

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